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Do I need to provide original copies of the require forms or are copies/scans ok?

We need original copies of all forms.

Do you need to keep my child's birth certificate?

We only need to keep your child's birth certificate until our rosters have been certified and stamped by Peace River Conference.
As soon as the rosters are certified we will return your child's birth certificate to you.

How long is my child's physical valid?

We must have your child's physical on the current year Pop Warner physical form. It is valid for that season. Each fall season Pop Warner requires a new physical on the current year form for your child's participation. This is true for both football and cheer.
The current form can be found in our forms section or you can click this link to download it.

What type of Equipment is provided for my football player?

Your child will be provided with a helmet, shoulder pads, practice/game pants with pads, mouth piece and belt. You can use your own equipment as long as it is approved by the league. Mouth pieces are excluded from this. If you have your own helmet, it must be white and must be Pop Warner approved. If you are not sure you can check with your child's coach.

What is provided for my cheerleader?

Cheerleaders will need to be sized for uniforms and shoes. Check with your cheer coach for more information.

What days do we practice?

Practice days & times will be posted on our calendar. Click here Your coach will be more specific as to your teams practice schedule.

What days are our games?

All regular season games are played on Saturdays. Please check our calendar for specific dates. Your coach will tell let you know your team's game times and when they would like your child to arrive for weigh in and warm up.

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