2015 Champs


You must use 2017 forms for the current season – old forms will not be accepted. If you have any questions, please contact your local administrator or the Pop Warner National Office. Thank you.

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2017 Registration Poster (Version 1)
2017 Registration Poster (Version 2)
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2017 Pop Warner Calendar Dates
IRS Ethical Behavior & Personal Inurement
Coaches Risk Management Manual
 Pop Warner Safety Precautions

Proprietary Rights: (from the PWLS Policies and Procedures Manual)

Section 1  The Corporation retains sole and exclusive rights to use of the name "Pop Warner" in simple or compound appearance (e.g., "Pop Warner Football") as well as all logos, emblems and other designs and styles of the Corporation, including any copyright, trademark, service mark or similar matter.  Such rights shall include use in all forms of media and are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Proprietary Rights".  The Corporation  shall vigorously protect against any infringement or other misappropriation or misuse of its Proprietary Rights.

Section 2  The Field Membership, Associations, RD's, VRD's or RCDC's shall not have the power to enter into contracts on behalf of the Corporation or bestow titles of any type upon the Field Membership and shall not infringe upon, through use or otherwise, the Proprietary Rights of the Corporation.

Section 3  Upon the request of the Executive Director, all employees, volunteers, officers, directors, and members of  committees shall, in writing, acknowledge their understanding and agreement that all information they obtain in the course of employment or service is the property of the Corporation and that it shall not be made available to any person or business without the consent of the Executive Director.

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