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2015 Naples Canes Game Schedule


Week 1 8/22/15 Sarasota @ Naples Canes Home
Week 2
8/29/15 Naples Canes @ Cape Youth Storms Away
Week 3
9/5/15 Naples Canes @ Clewiston Cougars Away
Week 4
9/12/15 Naples Canes @ North Port Mustangs Away
Week 5 9/19/15 Fort Myers Firecats @ Naples Canes Home
Week 6
9/26/15 Riverdale Wildcats @ Naples Canes Home
Week 7 10/3/15 Naples Canes @ Charlotte Warriors Away
Week 8 10/10/15 North Fort Myers Knights @ Naples Canes Home
Week 9 10/17/15 Naples Canes   BYE Week  


*** Game Times are all to be determined...

Sacrificing one treat for another. Naples Herald

naples hurricanes cheerleader

“naplesSacrificing one treat for another.

The night before Halloween wasn’t all fun and games for some area youth.

But the outside observer wouldn’t have known that by the looks of things, as early arrivals playfully tossed around the football off to the side of the main field, each one of the boys showing off their happiest smiles with coaches looking on.

Pre-teen energy and contagious excitement was in full force Friday evening.

Instead of participating in the preferred festivities like others their age, however—usual 10, 11, and 12 year olds prepping their scariest costumes, attending get-togethers with friends, or even having a relaxing night in with family in advance of what was destined to be followed by a late Halloween night—the Naples Hurricane football team practiced at Pine Ridge Middle School on the eve of something bigger.

Saturday’s Peace River Conference Division 2 Pee Wee Championship was on the horizon.

“I know you guys probably all have parties to go to, but I don’t want any of you making any mistakes tonight,” head coach Eric Jarbo suggested to his huddle of focused players moments before his team’s helmet-only walk through began.

“Yes sir,” the players replied in unison as they switched gears.

kids lining up for a play
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
eric jarbo coaching the hurricanes
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
kid throws a football
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
naples hurricanes huddle up
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
naples hurricanes huddle up
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
naples hurricanes huddle up
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
naples hurricanes go out for a play
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald
naples hurricanes helmets
Photo by Tyler Mosher/© Naples Herald

The same boys who had just been horsing around together were now fully attentive, with all of their attention on their coach. Clewiston was on their minds, the Hurricanes’ next opponents, who Jarbo credited for being big, fast, and athletic.

“At the end of the day we are playing youth football, and yes, we like to have fun,” he made it known.

“We also let the players know that hard work pays off, not just in this game but in everything you do. Being a Naples Hurricane is all about pride. We let them know each day to take care of their responsibilities at school, at home, and on the field.”

On the field the Hurricane punt team wall needed the biggest fix, Jarbo vocally addressed to his circle of players, and the beginning stages of practice were rehearsed accordingly; first things first. While it wasn’t the most exciting or popular practice routine, especially compared to the Hurricanes’ self-utilized spread offense, the head coach and his fellow coordinators held their boys accountable.

And it paid off.

By Saturday afternoon, only hours after the Hurricanes readied for their title bout against the opposing Cougars, Halloween day provided a treat worth working for. It wasn’t a free handout, but it was so much more rewarding. It was a hard-fought, 8-0 victory that was sealed by a Cael Persch 60-yard interception return with only 1:45 remaining in the fourth quarter.

The Hurricanes were crowned as conference champions.

While getting to the top was rightfully celebrated—an achievement that wasn’t at all taken for granted—the trek to get there didn’t go without what Jarbo said was “like night and day” progression. Game one of the season to what was the Hurricanes’ biggest contest yet was a complete transformation, it was a total team effort, and a pair of trophies was the result.

One piece of hardware was for a first-place Peace River Conference finish, the other for being declared the 2015 Pee Wee Champion.

“To most who just watch the game it may not seem like we’ve changed that much, but that’s not the case at all. We block better, we tackle better and our execution is better. We have played some very physical games and had our backs against the wall, so seeing these young men dig deep and give each other everything they’ve got is pretty special.”

“We’ve improved in every aspect of the game, every week,” he justified.

That constant development, even above winning, is the most satisfying part of being the head coach, according to the Hurricanes’ head man.

“Seeing these young men mature in this game, become great citizens in our community and excel in school is what it’s all about. These kids are developing lifelong friendships and memories that they will cherish for a long, long time to come,” said Jarbo.

“There will come a day when they will be old like me, some probably coaching, and they’ll look back on this and smile.”

“That is pretty cool.”

For the Hurricanes, it’s a family affair.

naples hurricanes cheerleading and youth football
The Naples Hurricanes

No team is complete without unwavering support.

The same applies in everyday life.

That multi-faceted notion is literally exemplified by the Hurricanes, who showcase father-son relationships on and off the field of play on the football side, while a couple of Hurricane cheerleaders also have brothers that are members of the football team.

But the ties don’t end there.

Amanda Jarbo, the head coach for the Naples Hurricanes Pee Wee Cheer team, is the wife of the head football coach. Their son plays defensive end and their daughter is a cheerleader for each of their respective Hurricane squads.

In addition to the Jarbo connection, the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator of the football team each have sons who play as well.

“I let the other coaches coach him up [his son], he doesn’t like to listen to his dad. I’m sure you didn’t either when you were younger,” the head football coach and husband to Amanda, Eric, joked about the common stubbornness that plays out between every father and son.

Each side of the Hurricane spectrum lifts one another up, though. They have each other to lean on and to share the Hurricane passion and to provide motivation.

“They have a great relationship [the football players and cheerleaders]. A lot of the kids go to the same school, so they are always there to support each other in all that they do. The boys and girls both deserve all of the success that they’ve achieved,” Amanda shared.

“The fact that we’re both Pee Wee Champions is incredible. The Jarbo household is extremely happy, and Eric and I are obviously beyond proud of our kids.”

Just like the football team was crowned champions last Saturday, all three of the Hurricane cheer squads are going to the regional championship this Thanksgiving in Orlando, thanks in part to winning first overall at their previous competition.

A national title opportunity at Disney World is the next step, the next possible prize.

“I think we’re going to be competing for that first or second spot. We just want to keep working on our routine and continue to build their confidence more, but the most important part is that the girls have fun while they’re out there,” she said.

The Jarbos, both Eric and Amanda, collectively emphasize fun being at the forefront of every practice and every competition. That’s what it’s all about, they say.

“All 14 girls work together well as a team, and they’re improving individually every single day. Considering that we added some new girls to the fold this year, along with our returners from last year, I think they’ve come a long way in a short amount of time to this point.”

The cheerleader’s slogan: “It’s Our Time to Shine.”

Regardless of each team’s future outcomes altogether in their pursuit to succeed further, the joint Hurricane affair remains close to home for all involved.

“The girls definitely shined this year. They are first-place winners, division champs, and we are very proud of them. The cheerleaders wish all the boys the best of luck, and now it’s the football players’ time to shine,” the head cheerleading coach pronounced.

For the Jarbos, the Hurricanes are an extension of their family, and they couldn’t be more honored.

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  • Week 5 Scores
    MM Ft. Myers   Canes  
    JPW Ft. Myers   Canes  
    PW Ft. Myers   Canes  
    JMD Ft. Myers   Canes  
  • Week 4 Scores
    MM Canes  33 Mustangs 20 
    JPW Canes  6 Mustangs  15
    PW Canes  36 Mustangs  6
    JMD Canes  0 Mustangs  20
  • Week 3 Scores
    MM Canes   Clewiston  Canceled
    JPW Canes  0 Clewiston  0
    PW Canes  20 Clewiston  6
    JMD Canes  8 Clewiston  18
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